Choosing the Best at Student Competition in Deep Analysis of Large Amount of Data and Creating Big Data Solutions

In the premises of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) in Zagreb, on March 13, 2018, introductory presentations in the 4th "Mozgalo" competition were held. This year, too, SV Group participates in the competition as a Silver Partner, and on this occasion we have presented our company to students. We also participate as a jury in one of two student assignments.

Organized by eStudent, Mozgalo is the first and only competition in a deep analysis of large amount of data and the creation of Big Data solutions in Croatia. It will last for the next full 2 ​​months. As SV Group’s Director, Hrvoje Slaviček, said for eStudent and Mozgalo:

BigData analytics and machine learning today are one of the top priorities for many companies because accumulated Data can create new business opportunities. Mozgalo is a good opportunity for students to experience what it means to solve a concrete task based on scientific achievements using new technological solutions in the same way that it is done in the industry. When someone says 'Mozgalo' two things come to my mind: what a great career opportunity for a student and if only something like this existed when I was one!

We look forward to the continuation of the competition, and we wish all the participants a lot of success! It will surely have a positive impact on their future in the professional world.


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