Donation to the Healthy Children program

The time of the Christmas and New Year holidays traditionally encourages us to give. In this way, we want to send a message to our loved ones and those with special needs that we think of them and that they are important to us.

SV Group supported the 'Healthy Children' program for children with psychophysical disabilities implemented by the International Asociation for Natural Health (MIPZ), a non-profit organization from Zagreb. With professional leaders and therapists in a relaxed atmosphere, using only natural methods, health results are visible after the first treatments. Tests and findings confirm the improvement and progress of the health condition of the participants, while doctors approve and support this completely free program for the participants.

It is worth mentioning the visible improvements in children who have passed the program:

reduced aggression and hyperactivity greater calm and security
disappearance of allergies, asthma and chronic bronchitis greater self-confidence and self-esteem
strengthening immunity better concentration and willingness to learn
cessation of nocturnal urination better communication at school and in the family
improved eyesight better results in school and competitions
disappearance of fears and phobias development of potential and creativity

Given the success so far, we were pleased to financially support the continuation of this humanitarian project. We believe that it is of great benefit, both for the individual and for society. You can access MIPZ's Donation Acknowledgment at the link.


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