Space – Integrated Team Environment of the Future from JetBrains

JetBrains released an EAP of the new Space product in December. Some JetBrains users already know this and are probably trying it out while it is still available for early review.

Space is a platform that combines chat, teams, blogs, articles, meetings, version control, code review, CI / CD, automation, software packages, editions and more. It is an effective collaborative environment for teams. It provides an optimal level of information to each team member specifically to perform his or her role, rather than becoming a source of excessive noise, blurring, or information overload. Therefore, the focus is on personalizing every bit of information within Space. You can, for example, easily manage the absence of employees, which is especially useful when working from home, our colleagues are on business trips, vacations, etc. So you know who is available to you when planning meetings and other activities. Dashboards can be customized to help each team member maintain a focus on their activities. Space and push restrictions for Git repositories can also be used in Space to prevent certain repository changes and introduce best commit practices.

Unlike its other products, with Space, JetBrains comes out of creating tools exclusively for IT teams and wants to get closer to a wider audience. Space will benefit: administrative staff, such as the HR department, and other creative niche markets, as it contains built-in tools for various teams to help them collaborate more effectively.

Three articles to help you get started with Space:

  1. Do you work from home? Participating in an online event? Manage employee absences in Space.
  2. Use custom dashboards to help each team member maintain focus on their activities, without any worries.
  3. Use branch and push restrictions for Git repositories in Space to prevent certain changes to the repository and introduce best commit practices.

There’s also the Space Guide - a central place for tips and tricks on how to use Space effectively.

Each tip has a short video with notes, a description, and links to other sources like web help. Tips are available separately, by topic, and on playlists that focus on a specific topic.

A cloud version will be released by the end of the year, followed by enterprise. In the meantime, you can use Space for free because the price has not been announced yet. You can find an invitation to try it out at:


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