JetBrains Fleet Below Deck – The Story of Code Completion

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In this blog post, we bring you the last part of the series of blogs about the development of Fleet, a next-generation IDE from JetBrains. When you need to view and update your code quickly, Fleet becomes a speedy and lightweight text editor. It instantly launches, allowing you to get to work right away.  Then […]

JetBrains: Space Marketplace Beta now Available!

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Applications are an essential component of Space‘s extensibility, created by JetBrains to be a highly flexible tool for any software development team. For this reason, a Marketplace for Space apps is being added and is now in beta. JetBrains has developed a few applications to demonstrate the capabilities of the Space HTTP API, but they […]

Check out JetBrains Space On-Premises Beta

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JetBrains’ flagship, complete platform for software development integrated with JetBrains IDEs, is growing. That’s it, it’s Space – an all-in-one solution for software teams to: Build and deliver Develop remotely Manage projects Collaborate JetBrains released the Space beta on-premises version. There are two installation options for Space On-Premises Beta: Docker Compose for an easy test […]

JetBrains: Qodana 2022.1 is Available

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The JetBrains team is continuously adding new features and improving Qodana – the code quality platform. The new version brings new code inspections and can scan your project dependencies to find their licenses. License audit was an additional linter that had to be configured separately from the main linters. Now, this functionality is also available […]

JetBrains’ Remote Development 2022.1 is Here

Recently, JetBrains released new versions of Remote Development and JetBrains Gateway. In this release, they focused on overall quality and bug fixes. In addition, the latest version has several notable new features that we will highlight here, so keep on reading. Remote Development with Gateway is a feature that allows you to use JetBrains IDEs […]

Take the JetBrains’ Developer Ecosystem Survey 2022!

JetBrains’ sixth annual Developer Ecosystem Survey is available for you to take part in! Take 30 minutes of your time and help JetBrains expand its knowledge of the developer community and how it has changed over the past year. JetBrains wants to know where the industry is going in 2022, so they can ensure that […]

IntelliJ IDEA: One Shortcut to Run Them All

IntelliJ IDEA has a lot of features. While the goal of its sophisticated GUI is to meet all your software development needs, you may need some time and knowledge to find a window or a setting. What if there is some kind of universal action that you could use to perform certain tasks faster? Take, […]

What’s New in Space and What you can Expect by Summer?

If you’ve ever wondered why to give Space, one of JetBrains’ new products a try, as a user of JetBrains tools, you might be attracted by the latest updates. In this post, you can learn what was done through December 2021 and January 2022 and we will briefly list what else you can expect. So, […]