Take the JetBrains’ Developer Ecosystem Survey 2022!

JetBrains’ sixth annual Developer Ecosystem Survey is available for you to take part in! Take 30 minutes of your time and help JetBrains expand its knowledge of the developer community and how it has changed over the past year. JetBrains wants to know where the industry is going in 2022, so they can ensure that […]

IntelliJ IDEA: One Shortcut to Run Them All

IntelliJ IDEA has a lot of features. While the goal of its sophisticated GUI is to meet all your software development needs, you may need some time and knowledge to find a window or a setting. What if there is some kind of universal action that you could use to perform certain tasks faster? Take, […]

What’s New in Space and What you can Expect by Summer?

If you’ve ever wondered why to give Space, one of JetBrains’ new products a try, as a user of JetBrains tools, you might be attracted by the latest updates. In this post, you can learn what was done through December 2021 and January 2022 and we will briefly list what else you can expect. So, […]

Presenting Remote Development with JetBrains Space

You may have already heard the big news from JetBrains – remote development solutions for JetBrains IDEs. The main idea is to help you overcome the limitations of local devices or slow laptops, allowing developers to work more efficiently, save time and contribute more to projects. With that goal in mind, JetBrains decided to separate the […]

Introducing JetBrains Academy – Learn Computer Programming

Since JetBrains Academy was introduced in February 2019, more than 330,000 passionate students have studied Java, Python and other programming languages ​​in this project-based learning environment integrated with JetBrains IDEs. For individuals, i.e. personal subscription, a trial period of up to 2 months is available, starting with a 7-day free plan. During the summer, another […]

JetBrains: How does IntelliJ IDEA contribute to your team? New study Total Economic Impact™ conducted by Forrester Consulting

JetBrains recently commissioned and published a new Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting. The study presents interesting and useful new insights and statistics on the financial benefits, as well as the productivity benefits that a company can enjoy when using IntelliJ IDEA. It explains why IntelliJ IDEA is a worthwhile investment, provides return […]

Recap of JetBrains IDEs and .NET Tools 2021.2 Releases

Over the summer, JetBrains released new updates of its tools with a number of new features and improvements. If you missed updating your version, here’s a reminder! As always, you can update it directly via the Toolbox app, from the tool itself, or download the new version directly from JetBrains.com. Here’s an overview of what […]