Cloud Native & DevOps

We offer custom software development with the capability to deliver turn-key projects at the national level or specific professional services including ICT system design, implementation, support and quality assurance services.


Are you tired of your big monolithic applications? Are you dreaming of a world where small changes cause only minimal updates in your systems? Do you wish for your applications to be simpler to maintain and deploy?

If so, let us help you transform those monoliths into a modern microservice architecture.

Microservice architecture is a modern response to a question of how to efficiently organize elements of complex distributed systems so they would collaborate and communicate effectively while maintaining the highest degree of independence.

The tools in our microservices toolbox include Spring, Micronaut, Helidon, Apache Camel and other.

Closely related to microservices are cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker that help manage a set of scalable and resilient services running in containers.

Do you struggle with complicated and manual application build and deploy procedures? Would you like your application changes to be automatically tested and deployed? In other words, would you like to implement continuous integration in your environment?

DevOps is a discipline bordering software development and IT operations. It focuses on automation of processes required to deliver applications and services at high velocity and enable faster product improvement cycle compared to traditional product delivery processes. It works great with containerized microservice architecture applications.