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SV Group d.o.o. is a project oriented IT company founded in 1995.
Customers of SV Group solutions and services are companies whose activities have for years been dependent on IT technologies and solutions that directly support their business. This is why our customers seek a reliable and proven partner to realize their IT projects.

Our teams consist of experts with diverse technological and business competences. We place great emphasis on continuous training, acquisition of certifications and keeping up with the latest developments in IT technologies. Drawing on our many years of experience and knowledge, we, together with our customers, evaluate the applicability of modern IT technologies to solving their business tasks.

We believe in knowledge, experience and team work.

Mission Statement

Develop long-term and stable relationships with our users, partners, employees, the owner and the social community.

Foster the trust of the users by delivering high quality services and solutions.

As a partner, jointly define and realise IT strategies of our users.

Continuously invest in the training, education and development of employee competences. By doing so, we enhance their personal and professional development, provide better support for our users in complex IT projects, and secure more rapid growth and development of the company.


Become an indispensable partner in providing IT solutions and services on domestic and regional markets.

Company details

  • Company Name

    SV Group, limited liability company for computer engineering, services and trade

  • Short Company Name

    SV Group d.o.o.

  • Headquarters/ Head Office

    Albrechtova 32, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

  • Founding Year


  • Founding Capital

    6.000.000,00 kn (or 784.552,00 EUR or 1.079.858,00 USD), paid in full

  • OIB (VAT No.)


  • ID Number


  • Registration Number

    080309485, Registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb

  • Business Activity NACE2007


  • Members of the Board

    Gabrijela Gega Balun, Vanja Vlak

Company's Commercial Banks
  • Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10,
    10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
  • Racun: 2360000-1101208418
  • IBAN: HR20 2360 0001 1012 0841 8
  • Jurišićeva 4,
    10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
  • Racun: 2390001-1100350153
  • IBAN: HR79 2390 0011 1003 5015 3
  • Petrinjska 59,
    10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
  • Racun: 2484008-1100358631
  • IBAN: HR98 2484 0081 1003 5863 1
  • Slavonska avenija 6,
    10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
  • Racun: 2500009-1101261420
  • IBAN: HR76 2500 0091 1012 6142 0
  • Račkoga 6,
    10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
  • Racun: 2340009-1110090843
  • IBAN: HR37 2340 0091 1100 9084 3
  • Vladimira Nazora 2,
    33520 Slatina, Hrvatska
  • Racun: 2412009-1139001692
  • IBAN: HR04 2412 0091 1390 0169 2
  • IBM BP No




  • IBM BP Complementary Terms


  • IBM Partner World ID


Business object

SV Group d.o.o. is a project oriented information company founded in 1995.

Customers of SV Group solutions and services are companies whose activities depend on IT technologies and solutions that directly support their business. Our clients seek a reliable and proven partner for IT projects and that is why they choose us. We gain the trust of our customers by providing high quality services and solutions.

Drawing on our many years of experience and knowledge, together with our customers we evaluate the applicability of modern IT technologies in solving business tasks and creating innovations in their business.

SV Group provides you with:

  • Innovative, reliable systems and application solutions based on proven technologies and concepts adapted to specific business needs:
    • Business Process Management
    • Service Oriented Architecture – SOA
    • SV Group Applications
    • Enterprise Content Management – ECM
    • IT Assets Management
    • Data Backup Disaster / Recovery
    • IT Infrastructure Virtualization
    • Proactive IT Systems and Application Monitoring
    • Big Data Solutions
  • Custom software development with the capability to deliver turn-key projects at the national level or specific professional services including ICT system design, implementation, support and quality assurance services:
    • Application Development
    • Software Quality Assurance
    • Project Management
    • Hardware, Software and Services Sales Implementation of IBM Software Solutions
    • Implementation of Open Source Software Solutions
    • Application of SAS Tools in Banks
    • Security
    • Proactive and Reactive Support
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Education

SV Group’s experts rely on proven IT solutions and technology from our partners.

SV Group is an authorized and certified IBM Business Partner Solution Provider for IBM System z, System p, Storage hardware and software, z/OS software (IPLA) and IBM Passport Advantage (PA) software in Croatia.

SV Group is the first IBM Business Partner in Croatia to receive the status of IBM Business Partner Premier Level (March 14, 2003). This status level was retained until 2017.

The continuity and the highest partnership level was confirmed on January 24, 2017, when the company SV Group became the first IBM business partner in Croatia to achieve the status of IBM Business Partner Platinum level.

SV Group is Red Hat Premier Business Partner, Oracle Silver partner, VMware Enterprise Solution Partner, Exari, Cloudera, Jetbrains and Zeroturnaround authorized partner, as well as Registered Member in the Microsoft Partner Program.

Quality Management System

The decision to introduce and implement a quality management system reflects the permanent strategic mission and overall business policy of SV Group. A quality management system has been established, documented and implemented in accordance with ISO 9001, the international standard specifying requirements, and it is continuously being improved. Every employee has responsibility and authority for the functioning of the system in his/her position and is accountable for applying the quality system to their current work assignment. Regular reviews of maintenance and improvement of the designed system are confirmed by a certificate of an accredited certifying body.

SV Group certificate ISO 9001:2015

SV Group certificate IQNet

The Management defines a quality policy in line with the strategic mission, business, context and goals of the organization. All employees are familiarized with its content. It is publicly announced and is available to all interested parties. The quality policy and objectives ensure that methods and ways of collecting, identifying, accepting and fulfilling the requirements of interested parties are created with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction.

SV Group Quality Policy

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its foundation SV Group was aware of the fact that good business results are not the only criteria for evaluating company’s success. We know that to be a successful company, one has to consistently consider its economic and social impact as well as its care for the environment. What’s more, we also know that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business model and management method in which profit is achieved in a socially responsible manner (meaning not only by paying taxes, local taxes, contributions and other statutory benefits). Our corporate social responsibility is based on investing in professional development and satisfaction of our employees. Every day we try to motivate our employees by giving them various benefits that help them to achieve their personal and business goals. In our Rules of Procedure, we provide greater rights for our employees than those prescribed by the Labour Act. Besides the standard CSR activities, we make sure to introduce new activities which help not only internal community of the company but wider social community as well.

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Environmental impact

We are continuously monitoring the power consumption, and by various activities strive to reduce the energy consumption thus raising awareness among employees about the importance of caring for the environment. During our joint meetings with employees, we repeatedly emphasise the responsibilities that imply saving of electricity (e.g. to power off their PCs after office hours, turn off the air conditioning and heating when not in the office and so forth). We are also raising awareness about caring for the environment by using new, progressive and environmentally friendly IT technologies such as hardware infrastructure virtualization and office management software. Virtualization of hardware infrastructure directly affects the decrease in the number of IT devices and thus the power consumption needed for them to function, as well the power consumption air conditioners utilize for them to cool off. Software for office management cuts down the office supplies and thus a certain negative impact on the environment (e.g. reducing the need for the amount of energy and raw materials needed for the production and recycling of paper).

We separate the waste into dangerous and non-dangerous, and as a result we collect paper, plastic and dangerous waste (e.g. inks) accordingly, disposed it off by hiring companies that are in the waste disposal business in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Doing our business responsibly, we are creating benefits both for our company as well as the environment within which we work. The principle of corporate social responsibility requires us as a company to make sure we also meet the criteria of environmental and social responsibilities of our suppliers, and other partners and customers with whom we work.

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Sales Department
System solutions and services department
Application solution and services department


Our employees are the most valuable capital of SV Group d.o.o.. They make us different from and give us the advantage over the competition on the market. Only those employees who are satisfied with the way they are treated, their professional and personal career development, their status and the atmosphere they work in, produce the results that meet the expectations of our customers, partners, community and owner.

We continually improve our human resource management system. Apart from significant investments in employee training, existing incentive measures, vocational guidance of employees, their mentoring, monitoring of their performance, we have also launched an internal education through which we systematically share internal knowledge and experience.

SV Group d.o.o. is situated at a good location and employees have, at their disposal, high-quality equipment and a large, agreeable, bright office space.

If your interests and competencies coincide with ours and you think your engagement can contribute to further progress and success of SV Group d.o.o., feel free to contact us and send us your CV completed in croatian (CV-HRV) or in english (CV-ENG) and the completed SV Group d.o.o. form at our email address info@svgroup.hr.

Open positions

Java Developer/Engineer

Published: 09.06.2017


Linux Admin/Engineer

Published: 09.06.2017


WebSphere Admin/Engineer

Published: 09.06.2017


Develop long-term and stable relationships with our users, partners, employees, the owner and the social community.


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