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After JetBrains team received a lot of positive and constructive feedback from early adopters, Code with Me, the ultimate tool for pair programming and shared remote coding, reached public release! We are happy to learn how Code With Me helped teams make the challenging transition to remote work during the pandemic.

To give users seamless access to the Code With Me functionality, the tool is included in most IntelliJ-based IDEs.

⭐ The latest versions of IntelliJ IDEA (Community and Ultimate), WebStorm, PyCharm (Community and Professional), PhpStorm, CLion, GoLand and RubyMine have Code With Me integrated and are ready for use!

For AppCode, Code With Me is available as a plugin that you can download from the Marketplace.

Three types of subscriptions are available: Community Plan, Premium Plan, and Enterprise Plan. Find out more about prices and special offers below.

Master the collaboration

Code With Me connects teams working remotely in a feature-rich collaborative environment. It helps increase productivity, no matter where team members are located. Basic IDE features, such as smart code insight, navigation and remote unit testing, are available to participants during shared sessions. Teams can simultaneously edit code, debug, track changes with diff previews and monitor each other on a joint project. Built-in audio, video calls and chat messages will help developers discuss issues, share their knowledge, and collaborate more effectively.

Enable Code With Me quickly: assign permissions to guests and share invitation link with them. They don’t even need to install their own JetBrains IDE - they just need your invitation with a link to join your session.

Code With Me has various security settings that allow the host to control the level of access to project data. No one can join a shared session without the approval of the host. Code With Me communicates via distributed open source protocol created by JetBrains and uses TLS 1.3 for end-to-end encryption.

For companies that don’t want their traffic to go outside their organization’s network, Code With Me has an on-premises version. A collaborative service can be installed and securely run on a private network. Are you interested in trying Code With Me on-premises? Learn more here about how to start a 30-day free trial.

Watch this video to see the basic Code With Me features in action:

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Prices and availability

With the public release, Code With Me introduces three types of licenses. Please note that only the host needs to have a subscription, while guests do not need a license to join the shared session.

Let's look at the benefits of each plan:

  1. Community Plan is free and gives you a great opportunity to gain shared coding experience and test the many functionalities that Code With Me has. Through this plan you can create an unlimited number of 30-minute sessions and invite up to 3 guests to your IDE. Need more time? Just create a new session and share a new connection with your colleagues. Or consider upgrading to a Premium plan!
  2. Premium Plan works perfectly for larger teams and those who need more time and space to collaborate. With a Premium subscription, you can also create an unlimited number of shared sessions, but you will have no session restrictions. It also allows you to invite up to 50 guests. This subscription is available with an annual and monthly billing cycle. The premium plan starts at $5.00 per month.
Special offer: Given the daily need for collaborative tools for remote development and pair programming, these users have free access to subscribe to Code With Me Premium:  
  1. Enterprise Plan suits companies and individuals seeking additional security. With this subscription, companies get exclusive access to the Code With Me on-premises solution. Enterprise users can receive up to 100 guests and run collaborative sessions at the same time according to the number of active licenses. Subscription is available starting with 10 licenses, and an annual user license costs $400.00. To see all the features in action, you can request a 30-day free trial.


What is next?

The public release is a key milestone for the entire team behind Code With Me, although there are even more ambitious plans that follow:

  • Extend accessibility and bundle Code with Me into AppCode
  • Provide support for Rider and DataGrip IDEs
  • Make Code With Me compatible with Android Studio. If you have any special features for that in mind, let us know!
  • Add support for IntelliJ IDEA EDU and PyCharm EDU.
  • Add Remote Development, a solution that allows you to run a remote development environment with many features on a remote server. This approach avoids having source code on the developer's laptop and runs IDE calculations on servers with unlimited horsepower.


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