SV Group Services Implementation of open source software solutions

Implementation of open source software solutions

Licenses for Open Source software users are free of charge. Users decide whether to pay or not for license maintenance and support. SV Group experts can help you select and implement verified Open Source solutions or develop applications in the Open Source technological environment.

Open Source software may act as an alternative to commercial software if it is estimated that commercial software is too expensive or if there is a need for better adjustment than that provided by commercial software. Environments configured by Open Source and commercial software are often used.

We offer three different forms of work with Open Source solutions:

  • Implementation and system IT solutions support,
  • Application development using Open Source technologies,
  • Application development support using Open Source technologies (Software Quality Assurance)

Implementation of system IT solutions entails planning, installation and modification of software IT infrastructure based on Open Source software, which serves as support to application performance:

  • Linux operating systems (Red Hat, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Centos, OpenSuse, Ubuntu),
  • Application servers
    • Java application server – Jboss, Glassfish, Geronimo,
    • Java servlet container – Tomcat, Jetty
    • CGI based – Python, PHP, Ruby
  • LDAP servers – openLDAP
  • Web servers – Apache, Nginx
  • Database – MySQL, PostgreSQL

After a solution has been implemented, we provide proactive and reactive maintenance of the implemented system.

Before developing an application in the Open Source environment, we must carefully select the type of Open Source framework or library, taking into account the following:

  • License – how is the ownership of the newly-established code regulated,
  • Community activity – is the project „alive“, is there continuous project development, are the reported errors corrected, how big is the system of programmers who use a particular solution, are there forums, how big are the forums, what is response time to questions asked in the forum, is there an error reporting system, is there communication between programmer and users,
  • Standards – does the framework set new standards or does it use the existing ones, can the framework be replaced with another parallel implementation,
  • Commercial support – is there commercial support and how good it is, are there independent manufacturers to whom a user can turn in case of a problem,
  • Documentation – is there documentation and of what quality.

Here are some of the Open Source technologies which we have successfully implemented in the following development projects:

  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate, JPA
  • Eclipse RCP
  • Eclipse BIRT
  • JasperReports
  • Hibernate
  • EH Cache
  • Quartz
  • GWT
  • Dojo
  • ExtJs
  • JQuery

We can help you with developing your application software in the Open Source environment by using the following elements:

  • Receiving requests, managing projects by means of one of the available Open Source solutions – Trac, Redmine, Bugzila,
  • Building and monitoring system artefacts – Jenkins, Maven, Nexus,
  • Managing source code versions – CVS, SVN, Git, Mercurial,
  • Supervising source code quality  – Sonar,
  • Using Wiki system – XWiki,
  • Testing – Jmeter, Selenium

We can implement and introduce Open Source software solutions under the control of different operative systems: z/OS, AIX, Linux, Windows, and others.

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