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Business Process Management

Efficient business processes empower a company to gain competitiveness and adaptability. Business efficiency is achieved by means of systematic process management, monitoring and optimisation. SV Group d.o.o. offers services and IT BPM solution which invigorate a well designed business process model in the company’s IT system. By doing so, it raises the level of business standardisation and automation while reducing operative costs.

Business processes constitute the core business of any successful company. Business processes consist of a series of activities and events that should be constantly repeated, altered and improved. In a classical business process management system, a certain activity usually generates a large amount of paperwork and sometimes unclear and superfluous communication between users and user groups, which may result in a considerable loss of time. Every modification or improvement in an activity requires changes in business processes and rules in several areas. In turn, this may open more possibilities for mistakes, requires more revision levels and incurs more spent time, resulting in the less efficient business. IT support to business process management usually involves word and excel, while the implementation of business activities is fragmented into several information solutions that lack mutual integration and a clear vision of the end-to-end process.

The solution for high quality IT support to business processes is the Business Process Management (BPM) platform, which becomes a central place where business processes are designed, created, implemented, performed and monitored. The BPM solution provides all IT support needed for good quality and efficient management with business processes, as well as integrates the existing applications in one place.

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