SV Group Solutions Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

ECM provides a fast and safe access to corporate content regardless of the physical location of users and documents, where content becomes the initiator of IT-supported processes. Remote, structured and standardized documentation exchange, as well as high quality task and priority management result in a faster delivery of products to the client at reduced operative risks and costs. This method of content management ensures a direct competitive advantage to the company.

The ECM solution is a strategic approach to enterprise content management, which contains a set of information tools designed to provide companies with a competitive advantage in business decision-making processes. A modern platform for unstructured enterprise content management consists of 5 basic components:

  1. Imaging and Capture. Imaging and capture entails the transformation of paper documents into a digital form suitable for organisation and storage in a repository.
  2. Document Management. Document management involves the establishment of a central repository for storage and management with all types of unstructured content, such as scanned paper documents, MS Office documents, electronic mail, PDF, HTML, eForms, etc.
  3. Business Process Management. Business process management entails IT support for the implementation of business activities flows by means of automated use of the central document repository.
  4. Record Management. Record management involves the archiving policy and automated document storage policies as set down in legal regulations.
  5. Collaboration Management. Collaboration management involves the exchange of documents and information within the teams participating in related business processes, as well as parallel work on creating documents by dislocated team members.

ECM helps not only to automate business processes, but more importantly, to improve them. It enables efficient and profitable business process management based on documents in digital form. ECM stores content/documents safely and securely and accesses content rapidly and uniformly regardless of the location of the user. It also allows content to become initiator of IT-supported processes.

ECM solves the problem of handling large amounts of paper documents and databases. It

  • Manages the volume and diversity of databases/content.
  • Reduces inefficiency and costs. Paper documents are hard to search, locate, find, share and manage in the course of work. In addition, paper documents can only be processed one by one.
  • Access to content is the driving force of a company and its business processes. Business information management via paper documents does not provide a comprehensive insight into data on clients and their business transactions.
  • Paper-based environments are not conducive to standards reqiuring efficient activity control and supervision.
  • Client/user service must have fast access to unstructured information on the client in order to provide answers instantly and solve cases with one call.

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