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IT infrastructure virtualization

IT infrastructure virtualisation is the fragmentation of the real hardware resource into several virtual, logical resources. A resource user does not see the difference between the real and the virtual resource. Virtualisation software hides the complexity of hardware infrastructure and enables simultaneous, mutually independent functioning of different software instances atop the same hardware resources.

Virtualisation exists in almost all fields of information technologies, such as networks, data storage systems, servers and desktop computers.

Data storage system virtualisation logically groups disc space with several disc subsystems into seemingly one large central system. Server virtualisation makes it possible to install several virtual servers on one physical server.

Desktop virtualisation separates a user’s computer (desktop) from the physical computer. The user uses the network to communicate with the central server, which  supports a larger number of virtual desktops. This allows user mobility (regardless of the physical location, the user can always access his virtual computer), easier maintenance and central protection of user computers.

Advantages of virtualisation include:

  • Reduced hardware costs,
  • Simpler and more cost-effective IT system maintenance,
  • Server configuration completely independent of the hardware,
  • Central protection,
  • Better application accessibility,
  • “Greener” system that saves energy.

SV Group d.o.o. provides solutions to IT infrastructure virtualisation based on the following technologies:

  • VMware solutions for server and desktop virtualisation using x86 architecture, which cover a broad area from classical server virtualisation to business continuity solutions based on VMware vSphere products.
  • IBM PowerVM solutions for IBM Power Systems server and blade virtualisation enable the consolidation of Linux, i/OS and AIX operational systems and applications on one scalable and high performance platform.
  • IBM z/VM solution for System z (mainframe) computer virtualisation. Top level accessibility, security and simplicity of use of hundreds to thousands of Linux servers on one mainframe computer parallel with other System z operational systems.
  • IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller solution for data storage system virtualisation with centralized and simple handling of a complex disc infrastructure.

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