Life insurance

Design, production, implementation and maintenance of life insurance applications

Life insurance applications enable a customer to register and process contracts / offers for life, health, accident and property insurance in the information environment.

The solutions enable the following activities:

  • Input, update, deletion and cancellation of personal or collective insurance contracts. Input and correction of offers is controlled on the basis of insurance rates and agency and agent commission factors, which makes it possible to calculate agency and agent commissions instantly. The received offers are sent to insurance companies for further processing via electronic media.
  • Offers can be searched according to the entities such as the offer/contract number, contractor’s personal ID, contractor’s surname and name, journal number.
  • Contract achievement is monitored on the basis of monthly payments. The activities of agents and an agency as a whole are followed on the basis of paid monthly installments.
  • Offers can be accessed on the monitor display or printed on the printer using different criteria, such as:

– review of offers for a given period per insurance company, kind of insurance and/or rates

– review of payments for a given period

– review of payments for a given offer

– list of offers expiring in a given month

– review of offers and payments for a given agent of group of agents

Agent registers are formed on the basis of agent contracts, and can be searched using personal IDs, surnames and names and agents’ numbers. The agent register contains all the necessary parameters used in calculating agent fees, such as, for example, the agent’s status in the hierarchy, the value of realised effects in DM, VAT, tax and local tax. Allocation of correctional points and cancellation of points, as well as the transfer of agents and their structures from a group to a group are made possible within this segment. Lists of agents can be formed using the following criteria:

– agents’ hierarchy structure

– review of agents with realised effects in a given period

– review of groups of agents with realised effects in a given period (one’s – own and subordinate agents’ effects)

– review of agent commissions for a given period

– list of agents who did not achieve a designated effect in a given period

– review of promoted agents

– review of agents designated for special rewards depending on the realised effect under given conditions/criteria

  • Data processing allows customers to calculate agency and agent fees for an individual insurance company and its rates or for all companies and their rates. The statement of agent commission contains all the necessary outputs which are submitted to the agent and the FINA (Financial Agency). Agent performance and its structure are analysed through scoring and financial effect, and agent promotion is based on the realised effects.
  •  Catalogues used for making accounts contain stored, updated and deleted insurance rates with factors for calculating agency and agent fees, tables of insurance amounts in dependence of the premiums, age, sex and length of insurance, municipalities with tax and local tax rates and their giro accounts, daily exchange rate of foreign currency, career table, promotion and reward criteria.
  •  Programme solutions contain measures of data confidentiality (authentication and authorisation) which enable a selective approach to data, or allow users to use all or only some of the functions and information. In this sense, some users are only allowed to read data (only some or all), others to read and change data (only some or all), etc.
  •  Service programmes contain functions that ensure back up, recovery in case of an error, and reorganisation of database
  • Programme installation contains information infrastructure and printer set-up, documentation delivery (on paper and online), and supervision over a test run. User training lasting for 12 hours is included in the price. The guarantee period is three months from the day of installation, and guarantee against errors in the programme code is unlimited.
  •  Maintenance is paid with monthly lump sums or per call. It can be executed on the user location, or by modem or by the Internet.
  •  The application is done in the Windows environment. Other software and hardware prerequisites for application instalment depend on the quantity of data being processed and the number of transactions. We used JAVA and DB2 UDB.

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