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National Border Management Information System – NBMIS

The basic task of the NBMIS project/application is to conduct border control of entry and exit of vehicles, passengers and objects and prepare the Croatian border police for the Schengen conditions.

The application solution enables: 

Basic border control:

  • Control of black-listed vehicles (so called search registry) on the basis of data collected by camera (license number)
  • Control of vehicles and vehicle owners (license number, vehicle permit, vehicle booklet and vehicle chassis number) in search registry
  • Conrol of vehicles in regular Croatian vehicle registry
  • Additional checks for Croatian vehicles (license expiry, insurance policy)
  • Counting and classification of vehicles according to type (Croatian and foreign vehicles, at entry and exit)
  • Control of travel documents using the document reader and automatic data check in the travel document (MRZ, RFID) with the possibility of manual entry of data
  • Automatic control allows for date control, comparison of elements from MRZ and visible zone, checking the check number, checking optical elements, checking MRZ-RFID elements, and image zooming
  • Passenger control based on the data from the travel document (travel document data, data of travel document owner) in search registries and registry of persons under secret surveillance and targeted control
  • Control of Croatian travel documents in Croatian travel document registries
  • Control of personal data in Croatian citizens registry
  • Control of persons in police registries
  • Control of persons without travel documents
  • Check of passenger lists in air traffic and control of travel documents via previuosly checked passenger list
  • Storing images (photograph, images of travel document under normal, UV, IR and coaxial light)
  • Automatic check of a person in the viza regime based on citizenship and type of travel document
  • Additional check for foreigners through registries of certain foreigner categories
  • Visa cancellation and shortening visa validation
  • Automatic issue of certain documents at border site
  • Issue and cancellation of border-issued documents (all kinds of permits for weapon and ammunition transfer, permits for staying in the border zone, passes, etc.)
  • In the case of a ‘hit’, it is possible to enter data on measures undertaken for vehicles, persons and objects
  • Automatic alarming of the police chief in the case of a ‘hit’ and taking over the alarm from a border police officer
  • Display of images with the possibility of zooming
  • Access to specimen data base IdenTT and MoI of Republic of Croatia

Additional control:

  • Taking fingerprints and storing scanned prints


  • Browsing of work station status
  • Checking the alarm list
  • Solving the alarm
  • Creating daily officer report and daily work station report
  • Unblocking work stations
  • Adding to the API list  and its control in search registries (Airport Passengers List)

Maintenance of operative border police registries (add, update, delete and search):

  • Registry of anti-diversion checks performed at the airport
  • Registry of receipts for weapons checked in for air transport
  • Registry of found objects not allowed to enter an airplane
  • Registry of serious accidents and plane crashes
  • Registry of international ship departures and arrivals
  • Registry of persons and goods smuggled across the state border
  • Registry of checked boats
  • Registry of deported persons
  • Registry of repatriated persons
  • Registry of traffic of vehicles transporting hazardous substances
  • Registry of transport of remains
  • Registry of bans for carriers to enter the country

Application administration:

  • Policy for storing images
  • Mainenance of visa regime
  • Policy for data saving periods
  • Maintenance of specimen database of the firm IdenTT
  • Maintenance of specimen database of MoI of Republic of Croatia
  • Maintenance of notes about the loss of travel documents and stamps and notes about legislation and orders for action
  • Maintenance of registry of persons, vehicles, vessels and aircraft under secret surveillance and target control

Statistical analytical monotiring:

  • Display of work station status
  • Daily work station report
  • Daily police officer report
  • List of persons subjected to border control
  • List of vehicles subjected to border control
  • List of objects subjected to border control
  • Passenger and vehicle traffic
  • Issued documents
  • Forbidden entry into and exit from Croatia
  • Forged travel documents
  • Deported persons
  • Repatriated persons
  • Other border police activities

Schengen  compatibility

  • The solution has made it possible to migrate data from the existing MoI databases and create Schengen compatible databases. The solution allows ON-LINE maintenance of Schengen database.

Access to the existing IT MoI system

  • Access to the existing IT MoI system (CICS) is possible without exiting the application. 

Logging all police officer activities and searching all logs

  • All border police activities are recorded (who, when, where and what) with the possibility of subsequent search on the basis of user account or work station.

Synchronisation of user rights

  • Persons who use both systems (MoI – CICS and NBMIS application – IBM WAS 6.1 in Windows environment) may change the password regardless of the currently used system with automatic transfer of user rights. Is a person changes the password in one syystem, it is not necessary to repeat the change in the other system.

Asynchronous image transfer from local to central server of the MoI

  • Images created during the scanning of travel documents, vehicles and vehicle classification are stored in the local database. Transfer of images to the central site takes place later, as a rule in the evening hours, but can also be done at the request of a police officer.

Solution description – tehnical arhitectural view

Global technical solution consists of the following elements:

  1. Central mainframe of the MoI

The central database in on the MoI mainframe under the zOS operating system.

  1. Central application server

The Web application server used to communicate with the central database is installed in the central location for the purpose of:

    • Access control
    • Change of password
    • Check of persons, vehicles and objects in search registries
    • Storing data in the central database
    • Returning the result of checking
  1. Local servers at border crossings

Local databases are installed on local servers with the purpose of storing images and data for vehicle classification. A system of data exchange between the local and the central server is installed on the same local server.

  1. Work stations

The applet runs on work stations. It enables

    • Communication with peripheral devices such as:
    • Camera for scanning vehicle registration number
    • Camera for vehicle classification
    • Document readers
    • Fingerprint readers
    • Document printer
    • Processing of data collected with camera and reader
    • Access to central database of MoI via the Web application server.

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