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New Croatian personal identity card

In accordance with international standards relating to personal and travel documents, the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia passed a “Law on Personal Identity Card” on 23 January 2002, establishing the content and the shape of the new personal identity card.

The law envisages that the new identity card be produced centrally, in one place, while the requests for its issue be placed in the place of residence.

Based on the Law and the Regulation on Identity Card Shape and Records, SV Group Ltd has made the information project for the new identity card. The new identity card is a project “on a turn-key basis”, which will cover the entire business process from a citizen’s arrival at the police station with the request for identity card issue to its production, using the information technology. SV Group Ltd, in cooperation with the Republican Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter: MUP RH) and the Commercial Affairs Agency – an authorised legal person for physical production of identity cards – is in charge of the entire project. The project involves the production of the overall design, programme support and working instructions, user training, project implementation and maintenance of applicative solutions.

The project “New Personal Identity Card” bridges the gap between traditional information technologies and new technologies. By using all the positive values of the mainframe computer (stability, scalability, high degree of availability and safety) it upgrades the existing solutions using Web, Intranet/Internet and Java technologies and an asynchronous transaction server. It is for this reason that the project has been approved by the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

The MUP RH (IS MUP RH) information system is a very reliable system based on the IBM mainframe computer with about 5,000 working stations throughout Croatia. The OS/390-zOS is used as the operational system, the DB2 is used as the relation data base, and the CICS is used as a transactional server. This environment operates around the clock 7 days a week, mainly in the ON-LINE working method, with over 1,500,000 transactions daily.

This fact requires new technologies to be included in the existing Information System of MUP HR, primarily the Web and asynchronous transactional server, because the transfer of pictures through the network increases the average size of transactions by up to 1,500 times.

A brief description of the process   

  • The citizen submits a request for an identity card at the police administration or station in the place of residence (front office)
  •  The request is received and recorded in the central base of the MUP RH. Subsequently, a form is made with the submitter’s personal data. The data are written in the Latin alphabet and in the alphabet of a national minority if the submitter requires it
  • The next document made in the presence of the citizen is of the identity card form. The submitter’s photo is put on the form and the print of his index finger’s papillary lines is taken
  • The submitter’s photo is glued on the written form and the submitter signs his name in the form
  • The submitter is issued a receipt confirming that he has submitted a request and his existing identity card remains with him
  • The request is filed in the work order and is passed on for further processing
  • The form is scanned and all the data from the form are stored in the local relation data base (DB2 UDB V7.2) in the police station. This is done without the presence of the party (back office)
  •  When the papers of the work order have been scanned, their transfer to the central computer of the MUP RH is initiated (textual and pictorial data). This process is automated with the support of the IBM WebSphere MQ software product. The pictures are stored in the DB2 data base. The Data transfer is confirmed to the data sender, that is, to the police administration, with the WebSphere MQ
  • Text and pictures are sent from the MUP RH to the authorised legal person responsible for the production of identity cards (Commercial Affairs Agency, Zagreb – AKD). The delivery must be confirmed to the MUP RH via the WebSphere MQ
  • Based on the received data, the AKD commences the production of identity cards
  • After identity cards have been produced, a message is sent to the MUP RH using the WebSphere MQ detailing which identity cards have been made
  • The citizen comes to the police station, takes the new identity cards in person and leaves the old one to be invalidated

Access to the data and information is protected outside applicative solutions using the existing software solutions at the OS/390 level accompanied with the introduction of new systems of protection at the Windows platform (IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business).

The whole process of identity card issue is done electronically, which enables permanent supervision over the entire procedure.

The following IT architecture is envisaged:

MUP RH central computer OS/390 environment:

  • IBM mainframe computer IBM 9672-RC
  • OS/390 V2.10
  • IBM CICS TS V1.3
  • IBM DB2 V6.1
  • IBM WebSphere MQ V5.3 for z/OS
  • PL/I programme solutions

MUP RH in the headquarters:   

  • 4 Intel servers
  • WIN 2000 AE
  • Host Integration Solution
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server EE for WIN V4.2
  • IBM WebSphere MQ for WIN V5.3
  • IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V3.9
  • IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer for Integration
  • IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager
  • IBM SecureWayFirewall for Windows and AIX
  • IBM Tivoli Remote Control

Commercial Affairs Agency:  

  • Intel server with communication equipment
  • WIN 2000 AE
  • IBM WebSphere MQ for WIN V5.3
  • Host Access Client (Host Integration Solution) 

Police administration:   

  • Intel server with communication equipment
  • WIN 2000 AE
  • IBM WebSphere MQ for WIN V5.3

Work station:   

  • Intel workstation
  • Document printer
  • Scanner
  • WIN 2000
  • IBM Personal Communication
  • IBM DB2 Connect Personal Ed. V7.2
  • IBM WebSphere MQ for Win V5.3

IBM WebSphere Application Server na Windows 2000 AE 

IBM WebSphere Application Server na OS/390

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