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SV Group Application Access Analyst

SV Group Application Access Analyst (S3A) is a software tool (application solution) for statistical monitoring of visits to web sites.

It is primarily developed for IBM WebSphere Portal.  The solution can be customized to any web portal and any type of reports.

S3A is an statistical website activity analysis application. Statistical database is generated from WebSphere logs. Statistical reports are created periodically out of data stored in a database.

Comprehensible aquired statistics include:

  • Daily Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Website Ranking Lists
  • Group Reports
  • Management Reports

Reports contain statistics of total number of Web Portal visitors, number of visitors per page, number of page loads, number of file downloads, visit durations, daily distribution of visitors and geographical distribution of visitors.

S3A graphical report examples (parts of a management report)

As reports mentioned enable you to keep track and analyze number of Web portal visitors, You get a powerful tool for getting information about your audiences’s interests.For instance, You can easily notice change of visitor trends as you launch an advertising campaign. It also helps you react fast and do corrections to your advertising campaign based on preceived campaign success.

S3A solution includes a Web-based user interface accessible globally. Web interface contains relevant graphical and numerical results of Web Portal analysis. You can see monthly report example  here.

S3A can monitor multiple web portals. Every web portal can generate different set of statistical reports, based on configuration scripts. S3A web-based user interface is then considered a centralized reports repository. Daily, monthly and managment reports are grouped per web portal and stored that way.

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