IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation: Automate your Business Operations

In this blog post, we introduce you to another comprehensive solution from IBM's Cloud® Pak opus. IBM Cloud® Paks are AI-powered software solutions that help organizations build, modernize, and manage applications securely across any cloud. In other words, they provide you with a more secured way to move business operations to cloud services.

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There are several Cloud Paks available for different business cases. Among them, Cloud Pak for Automation (CP4A). This is an open, integrated platform with embedded AI. It provides a way for users to create customized and digitized applications that cut-down on time spent preforming certain day-to-day tasks. By digitizing business operations, your business will see improved customer experience, even when customer demand is up, and increased profits while keeping customer loyalty.

There are numerous benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. For example, it helps you to transform business processes based on data insights, to improve the productivity of your employees and automate repeatable ways to build custom applications.

CPA4BA is a great way to free up time for your employees by automating their workflow automation. The possibility of such automated work allows more free time to focus on more priority tasks, as opposed to sometimes ordinary tasks. This Cloud Pak solution allows you to:

  • Automate on a large scale – do more manual work while managing exceptions at the same time. 
  • Provide a better user experience with standardized, reusable workflows. 
  • Build flexible workflows – mix structured and unstructured processes into a repeatable workflow. 
  • By automating services and providing space for repeatable ways of building applications to simplify working processes, you will see an increase in employee productivity.

 Data shows the following:

  • 80% reduction in applications requiring manual review
  • Reduced approval from days to minutes
  • 88% faster rollout of new business automation
  • 90% decrease in process completion times

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