Infrastructure & Data Center Solutions​

As a certified and trusted IBM partner, SV Group will provide you with the best possible service regarding selection, sizing, purchase, and implementation of best-in-class solutions for storing your business data.

Servers & Storage

Today’s need for digital transformation poses new challenges for building an infrastructure that can meet rapidly evolving demands.
Our portfolio includes everything from entry to enterprise models, all-flash storage to tape solutions, virtualized storage to cloud and object storage, enabling your business to achieve operational agility and data resiliency for the future.
SV Group offers next-generation server systems that provide you with improved scalability and flexibility, increased and optimized hardware capacity and comprehensive hypervisor options.
Our solutions include everything from x86 servers to IBM Power Systems and even IBM z (mainframe).

In a world of increasing data and service complexity, data is more than ever exposed, compromised and susceptible to attacks by malicious individuals, system, and human errors.

It is no longer enough to think only about intrusion prevention, as well as passive and reactive protection against system outages and consequent data loss – the most important thing is to prepare your systems for damage that will inevitably occur and respond to it with minimal downtime and data loss, saving money and company image.

SV Group can offer you services and solutions that will not only provide you with options to recover data, but also prepare you in advance and make your IT infrastructure resilient to any attacks.

Our portfolio includes proven, robust, and reliable IBM data resilience and data recovery solutions.

Data Resilience & Data Recovery


Virtualization, as a method of logical sharing of physical resources, is one of the most important IT technologies today, as it improves scalability and reduces costs by improving hardware utilization and centralizing administrative tasks.

SV Group offers virtualization solutions in all areas of virtualization technologies, from server and storage resource virtualization, to network virtualization and container solutions.

Our portfolio includes IBM Software Defined Storage solutions, VMware products and solutions, Red Hat OpenShift, open-source solutions and many others.