Introducing Datalore Enterprise

A New Product by JetBrains for Data Science Teams

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At the end of January, JetBrains had their live webinar Introducing Datalore Enterprise – A New Product by JetBrains for Data Science Teams. Datalore Enterprise is a data science notebook platform for teams that can be hosted privately on-premises or in the cloud.

The focus of the newest Datalore Enterprise 2021.3 release was to make it easy for data scientists to share their work with stakeholders and to facilitate fetching data from databases with SQL. Also, support was integrated for R and Scala notebooks, reimplemented Reactive mode, and added out-of-the-box visualization options and a bunch of other features.

Watch an overview of Datalore Enterprise 

Jupyter notebooks are arguably the most widely used tool in data science. However, when it comes to collaborating as a team, sharing results, managing computational resources, and security, things aren’t always straightforward. This is why JetBrains created Datalore Enterprise.

As a data science notebook platform for teams, Datalore Enterprise operates in your browser, is Jupyter compatible, and offers smart coding assistance for Python, SQL, R, and Scala. As said above, companies can host Datalore privately on-premises or in the cloud.

Watch the now made available recording of the webinar Introducing Datalore Enterprise to learn how it can help data science teams organize their work most efficiently and speed up their data science workflow.

The webinar is archived in a folder on JetBrains Google drive. Once you’ve requested access, you’ll be able to watch the recording again whenever you want. You can share this link with anyone in your company who might be interested.

Watch the recording 

Enjoy learning!

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