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Since JetBrains Academy was introduced in February 2019, more than 330,000 passionate students have studied Java, Python and other programming languages ​​in this project-based learning environment integrated with JetBrains IDEs. For individuals, i.e. personal subscription, a trial period of up to 2 months is available, starting with a 7-day free plan.

During the summer, another big step was taken. Therefore, we are introducing JetBrains Academy for Organizations. It is designed to give companies and educational institutions an easy way to provide their employees, contractors, trainees or students with JetBrains Academy access. It offers all the features available to individuals, as well as additional functionality that allows organizations to manage the learning process of their members. JetBrains Academy for Organizations comes with an annual subscription plan that provides unlimited annual access to JetBrains Academy for members of an organization at a list price of €399.00 per user.

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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about subscribing to JetBrains Academy for Organizations:

Do you offer monthly subscriptions to JetBrains Academy for Organizations?

No, only annual subscriptions are available to organizations.

Is there a minimum number of users for this subscription plan?

Yes, organizations can purchase no less than three subscriptions.

How can organizations manage their JetBrains Academy subscriptions?

JetBrains provides free access to JetBrains Academy for one user who manages their organization’s subscription. Please click here for more details.

Where can I leave my questions or feedback?

Please contact us regarding any pricing or purchase questions you have. If you want to cooperate with us, send us an e-mail and we can discuss the possibilities. If you have any problems or questions about the product, let us know.

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Thanks for the time taken to read this post, and happy learning!

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