JetBrains Fleet: Public Preview is Now Available

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Public preview access to the next-generation IDE from JetBrains is now open. Fleet is available for free download and use. In this post, you can find more information regarding the public preview.

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There has been a tremendous interest in Fleet among JetBrains tool users since it was first announced, with over 137,000 people signing up for the private preview.

Fleet is still in its early stages, and its creators still have a lot of work to do. However, JetBrains is now announcing the availability of Fleet’s first public preview, which is open to everybody.

Before you download it, please read the rest of this article because there are some crucial details you need to be aware of.

What Fleet is

For those who may not be familiar, Fleet is a new distributed polyglot editor and IDE coming from JetBrains. The IntelliJ Platform was used to build it from the bottom up, along with a brand-new user interface and distributed architecture. Check out the Fleet product page for more information.

What to expect now

Since the list of technologies, that JetBrains plans to support is large, they have created a chart that lists the languages and technologies Fleet presently supports, along with each one’s status. This should now give you a good idea of what to anticipate.

But keep in mind that Fleet is still a young tool. Therefore, even if something is labeled supported, it could not function as intended. So, people at JetBrains would greatly appreciate it if you could log any issues you run into. The Send Feedback option under the Help menu in Fleet is the simplest way to do this.

It is crucial to emphasize that JetBrains does not seek to copy their current IDEs. In that sense, please do not anticipate Fleet to offer the same capability as one of their IDEs, such as IntelliJ IDEA. Even as JetBrains continues to improve Fleet, not all the features of their IDEs will be included in it. JetBrains has the chance with Fleet to give developers a unique user experience. Therefore, they wouldn’t want to hear your suggestions for features you believe Fleet should have, such as particular refactoring options, tool integrations, etc. JetBrains has many ambitions for its current IDEs, including performance enhancements, a new user interface, remote development, and more. They will continue developing them all. Fleet is also using the intelligence from the internal workings of these technologies. None of them are going away.

What will happen

JetBrains will work to stabilize Fleet and answer as much of your feedback as possible in the upcoming months. Simultaneously working on the following:

  • Support for APIs and an SDK for plugin authors – Given the distributed nature of Fleet, JetBrains must work on making the process for plugin authors as simple as possible. Although they promise to offer a platform for expanding Fleet, they need a little more time in this regard.
  • Performance – JetBrains wants Fleet to be fast, both in terms of response time and memory footprint. They will focus on several areas where they believe performance can be enhanced.
  • Themes and keymaps – The JetBrains team are aware that many developers are accustomed to their current editors and IDEs and frequently miss their previous keyboard bindings and themes when switching to a new one. To support more themes and keymaps, they will be working on it. They will undoubtedly also be working on Vim emulation.

Starting off with Fleet

You must use the JetBrains Toolbox App to download Fleet.

JetBrains is putting together a collection of quick videos to help you in your beginnings. Don’t forget to follow their channel. Videos are separated based on language, even though the experience is essentially the same regardless of the technology you use. If you encounter any problems, look over Fleet’s documentation as well.

JetBrains is just starting on a long trip with Fleet, and they hope you’ll come along on the ride!

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SV Group is JetBrians authorized Premium reseller

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