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Our people are the backbone of our business 

You all know what we do, but you don’t know how we do it. Like in any other company, there is no success without the company’s employees, and in SV Group d.o.o., our people are our most precious asset. They set us apart from the competitors and provide us with a competitive edge.

We also know “pat on the back” is no satisfaction, so as a token of gratitude we offer our employees various benefits to help them manage and balance their lives, while also rewarding them for being a member of a champion team. High achievement, at any level, needs to be honored. This is something that is deeply established in our company’s culture.

Empowered well-being

Our mission is to facilitate a leadership culture that prioritizes our employees’ growth and well-being. That’s why we enable our employees to develop and combine work and life to fulfill their own needs.

10 SV Group Employee Benefits and Perks That Make It a Great Place To Work

Our list includes the company’s top incentives for attracting new employees and keeping existing employees engaged and satisfied. If you are interested to see what the fuss is all about, and what can you expect at SV Group, keep reading…

#1 – Competitive compensation and best value employee packs

This includes a monthly fee for a hot meal and transport, monthly payments to the voluntary retirement fund, holiday pay, rewards for the Christmas and Easter holidays. Also, there are additional free days for the internship, good work results, certificates passed, social opportunities, and company loyalty paid leave for important personal needs (marriage, childbirth, or moving).

#2 – Opportunities for your professional growth, certifications, and autonomy

Your growth is our win, and we strive to provide you with everything you need to achieve your professional growth. In addition to significant investments in employee education, existing motivational measures, professional guidance of employees, their mentoring, monitoring their success, we have launched an internal education through which we systematically share internal knowledge and experience.

#3 – Flexible working hours

At today’s pace, being a “working hours slave” can be very stressful, so we give you a choice when to work. It is important for us that the work is done properly within the deadlines, and when it will be done is up to you.

#4 – Remote and/or office work 

We offer all our employees the opportunity to work from home or another location, providing them with the necessary tools, ensuring the work is carried out properly and within deadlines. However, not to feel lonely and separated from the collective, we regularly organize daily calls and online social events.

#5 – Biyearly general medical examination
SV Group makes a great effort to show support of health and well-being. We provide a benefits package of general medical examination to all our employees because their health is our number one priority. 

#6 – A friendly and inspiring atmosphere with diversity appreciated

With us, everyone is equal, and everyone is welcome! We place a premium on identifying and acknowledging unique abilities, as well as the aspirations, desires, and needs of our employees. Our work environment is respectful to both men and women, regardless of their origin, age, gender, or situation. We will welcome everyone with open arms and hearts.

#7 – Company terrace BBQ & drinks gatherings

A man is a social being, so we encourage relaxed socializing of our employees. It is an excellent method to break up the routine of a standard workweek and allow employees to hang out and have fun without concentrating on their daily tasks. By doing so, we wish to provide employees with the unique chance to engage and improve communication inside and between teams. Our sunny terrace is the perfect spot to create new memories.

#8 – Day off for your birthday

We believe that every employee should be satisfied on a personal level to perform the job on a professional level to the best of their ability, so we give everyone a day off for their birthday to relax and celebrate however they want. What else to say than HAPPY BIRTHDAY

#9 – Legendary teambuilding

It is our strong belief that team-building activities bring people together so we tend to organize them as often as we can. When a sports team wins a championship, the players and coaches frequently attribute their success to the ability to work as one. The same holds in business. Businesses with high-performing teams are more satisfied which results in high-quality work, a relaxed atmosphere, and outstanding results. Strong teams are not formed simply by employing talented individuals. Strong teams are born through activities that bring employees together.

#10 – Multisport card
We are constantly working out ways to facilitate the fitness and the feeling good of all our team members. Sports activities push employees out of their comfort zone and club the work-related pressure with a sense of fun. 

Every employee gets a Multisport card with access to over 650 sporting facilities across Croatia, and more than 450 different activities

We dare you to try them all! 🙂

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