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We have included another excellent partner in our portfolio. Since we now have officially formed a Data Science department, it was only logical to support it technologically in the best way possible. That’s where our new partner Dataiku comes in. Just as data science itself is a new field, Dataiku is a young company founded in 2013 in France. Dataiku is a platform that uniquely combines data science, data engineering and data analytics. It democratizes access to data and enables companies to build their own path to artificial intelligence:

  • So that artificial intelligence is available to wider population within your company
  • Facilitates and accelerates the design of machine learning models
  • Provides a centralized and controlled environment that is easy to manage
  • Allows businesses to scale their efforts spent on artificial intelligence.

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Do you agree that this is exactly what you need today, in time of constant change and challenges?

It is necessary that we make decisions based on the data available to us. Dataiku will help you with that. See how it has already helped others:

User experiences at Gartner

Meet Dataiku – Dataiku Product Days  

Dataiku Product Days is a global multi-day virtual event that allows users around the world to experience Dataiku. This year it was in April. For all who missed it, a recording is available that you can watch on demand.

If you are thinking of a convenient and comprehensive solution for purposeful management of your data, check out the features of Dataiku, hear from existing users how they use Dataiku, and you will be pleased with the product review news presented by the Dataiku team at the event!

Watch Dataiku Product Days 2021

Among other things, Dataiku DSS (Data Science Studio) 9 was presented. According to Gartner, DSSis aleader for the second year in a row.


dataiku, gartner, 2021

News for Dataiku DSS 9.0 users (your data experts):

dataiku, gartner, 2021

  • Automatic problem detection in machine learning models and proposing improvements – ML Diagnostics
  • Enabled input of expert knowledge to validate model predictions – ML Assertions
  • Simplified promotion of projects from the design phase to the production environment and maintenance of versions of project production settings – Project Deployer
  • Fuzzy join logic when merging datasets.

Among Dataiku Product Days videos, we can recommend the following:

  • Join a Demo: Introduction to Dataiku DSS
  • Collaborative Data Science @ DAZN
  • Demo: What’s New in Dataiku 9.0
  • Data preparation for business analysis

If you’d like a Dataiku demo, or have any questions, reach out to us! Our expert will get back to you in no time:

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